Climate-Controlled Self Storage Units

Protect your vulnerable possessions from heat and humidity with Fort Wayne Storage

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Fort Wayne Storage provides impressive security features with all our self storage units

At each Fort Wayne Storage location, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe and sound. 

With 24-hour video surveillance as well as coded gate entry and perimeter fencing, we’re able to see all facility activity at all times. 

We’ve created state-of-the-art facilities that are perfect for storing your most prized possessions. 

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What Needs Climate Control?

Not everything needs a climate-controlled self storage unit, but these items often do


Climate-controlled storage units help protect electronic and mechanical parts from rusting, cracking, and breaking caused by temperature and humidity changes.


Humidity and changes in temperature can cause leather items and furniture to deteriorate in non-climate-controlled storage.

Certain fabrics

Any fabric that needs to be protected from moisture and UV exposure.


To ensure your beloved heirlooms are preserved and remain in the best possible condition, you should store them in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.


Whether it’s an antique piece of furniture, vintage artwork, or even a bottle of wine, collectible items should always be stored in climate-controlled storage.

Wooden furniture

Changes in humidity and temperature can ruin even the highest quality built wooden furniture. Exposing wooden furniture to the elements can wreak havoc on its structure.

Fort Wayne’s Best Climate-Controlled Self Storage Units

Climate-controlled self storage units have air conditioning that keeps the worst of the heat and humidity at bay. 

If you’re looking to store items that are sensitive to changes in temperature, a climate-controlled self storage unit will limit that damage! 

Climate-controlled self storage units also help prevent mold and mildew by circulating humid air out of the unit. 

If you’re storing delicate or valuable items, climate control offers an extra layer of protection.

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